Afro-Punk: Avant-Garde Music Making an Impact

Good evening all! It’s June, and as some of you know, that means its Black Music Appreciation Month. So it’s time to look at what is happening in music, the hot and new. Instead of kicking off this month with the typical review from yours truly, I have decided to dig a little to explore this sub-genre we call Afro-Punk. Some of you are going to look at me like: What on earth are you talking about? Well, I am referring to a particular type of alternative music, that really is pushing the bounds of what Black music is supposed to “sound” like.

Even though I love my hip-hop and R&B, I will be checking this relatively new genre out. I want for something new sonically. I want to use this month to not only appreciate the types of Black music we all know and love, but also expand into some new stuff as well.  I may be hitting up this festival even though its not until August just to see whats up.  Santigold, Cee-Lo Green, and Jay Electronica in the same show? That’s enough to make me take notice.

What do y’all think out there? Do you feel as though at times contemporary Black music is somewhat stale? Here is a good link to find out more about the genre which has been titled as, “The Other Black experience”  Peace!

Marc W. Polite

P.S. – I promise I wont start dressing all.. ahem eccentric if I do like what I hear. LOL


  1. LOL Marc, I love any music as long as it’s good! So far, my fave styles are: jazz, soul, classical, rock, blues (especially instrumental!), and rap up to about 1996;-) Pop, bluegrass and country get in there sometimes too, GE:-)

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