When Reform Isn’t Progress: A Commentary via The Grape Soda Digest

Good evening everyone! It’s Saturday evening, and I got in from seeing X-men: First Class, which I really enjoyed. If you are a fan of that comic book kinda stuff, then I recommend you peep that. Obviously this ain’t the reason I opened up WordPress. I just want to give my peoples a heads up that I will now be a contributing writer for The Grape Soda Digest This is a new venture, and I am really excited about working along with this new site. Some great things are about to jump off, best believe!

Now for those of you who may be concerned that this is the beginning of the end, I assure you not to worry. Polite On Society ain’t going nowhere! I wont be phasing out this page at all, not with all the lovely support I have been receiving! This will mean that you can get my content in more than one place. If you want to check out my first piece head on over. Note: The post below is a continuation of this one here.  “Wisconsin,Ohio and Your State Next”  I hope you will check them both out. I intend on following up on these. In all seriousness, these battles aren’t going away. They are only intensifying. Stay awake, and stay aware.

When Reform Isn’t Progress: A Commentary About Wisconsin

Marc W. Polite

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