Polite Society Week in Review 5/15-5/20: Pre-Apocalypse Edition

Good morning everyone! Yet another eventful week, was it not? So lets run it down shall we?

Psychology Today Denigrates Black Women

The wonderful people over at Psychology Today saw it necessary to run a piece about how Black women are not as attractive as other women. And soon afterwards, all hell broke loose.  Rightfully, many Black bloggers challenged the racist pseudo-science behind this piece, and called into question the credibility of the magazine for publishing it. There is a petition entitled ‘Stop Publishing Racist and Sexist Articles” in opposition to this nonsense. I signed it, you should as well. Just one more point: When Black men don’t speak out about this kind of nonsense, it may look like we are co-signing.

Malcolm’s Birthday This Week

The slain Black leader has been in the popular consciousness very much so lately, culminating in a series of events all around Harlem yesterday. With the Marable book still being a point of contention in the Black community, this will continue to be the case. Now, the new controversy is the fact that Marable used information from the FBI for his book. With the legacy of Co-intelpro and what it did to Black mass movements in this country, it is understandable why there is some discomfort over what is said. This controversy will end no time soon.

Gingrich calls Obama “Food Stamp President”

Good ol’ Newt took Obama to task for being a handout king, with all the tact of a Klavern official. The 2012 presidential candidate sees fit to engage in coded racist talk, and shows that such discourse is tolerated. At least he didn’t end off his remarks with “he speaks so well” Smh

So, the world may end tomorrow according to Harold Camping If so, thanks everyone for reading. And don’t do anything you may be ashamed of tonight just in case this does not come to pass. LMAO! Peace!

-Marc W. Polite

The Post Apocalypse Blogger

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