Polite On Society: Second Year Anniversary

Hello everyone!  Tomorrow, May 17th marks two years of Polite On Society! Every time I think about it, I am in disbelief that so much time has passed. It really doesn’t feel that I have been doing this long. Time flies when you are building I suppose. But I wanted to take this time to reflect a little bit on how, and why I started this site. I stated some things in my first anniversary that still apply, but I want to take y’all back to the origin.  Even though I have been at this for not so long, this is not my first blog. I have been blogging since the mid 2000’s. I am not new to this internet posting thing at all. (Big surprise right?) LOL

First off, I should say I started this as my journey towards becoming.. drumroll…. a writer. However, before this, I would submit to newspapers, newsletters, and wait for my stuff to appear. I have been “trying to be a writer” for a while. I was trying to get “put on” as far back as 2007. Doing everything that was said you are “supposed” to do. Attending conferences, writing workshops, networking with other writers. But in two years of effort, I really was getting no where. I figured I was doing something wrong, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what exactly.

So eventually, I would start my own blog. My first blog (which I took down) was called “Inventing Through Venting” and the subtitle was “a blog about struggle, ideas, change, and the desire to better oneself in a cruel and unforgiving world.” Melodramatics aside, this blog never really took off. Everything on there did not amount to even ten posts. Plus it kinda didn’t help that I didn’t show anybody. That will ruin your shot at promoting yourself like nothing else will. See? I learn. Ha.

The second blog was titled: “The Sub Culture of Science Fiction” While that got some love on the sci fi fan forums.. it never took off either.So then, the idea hit me back in 2009 to start another blog.. and this time I wanted to stick with it.  I got tired of dropping FB notes, and having it overlooked. But the dilemma.. what on earth would I name it?

Another thing was that my old blogs were really more on the game fanboy/personal musing side of things. While that’s cool and all, I realized not everybody is going to want to read about science fiction and video games. I would need to come up with something broad that would get a lot of various people’s attention, and would be widely useful and not get myself pigeonholed as a game/music/sci fi blogger.

So then it came to me: Polite Society. I have strong informed opinions, and can put to use my education in Political Science AND History. I can reach out to people, and provide information and analysis as well. I may as well use my  real name. I used it to play on the idea of political correctness, and the things that people often hesitate to say.  And it also helps that my last name is Polite too. After decades of hearing name jokes in various formations, this surname is beginning to serve me. Who would have thought?

The point of all this is that, in thinking back to when I started.. what I have learned is that when you really want to do something, you can’t wait for anyone’s co-sign. Instead of waiting to get “put on” I went ahead and pushed forward. And now I see the benefits of doing so. Because I have been consistent with this web space, I have been places I never thought I would venture into. I have met people who I otherwise wouldn’t have met. This has really opened up doors, in ways I would have never been able to predict.

This story is far from over. With more things in the works, and a widening network, I plan to do more with this space. I am excited about some of the prospects coming up, though I don’t want to blow the surprise just yet. You will have to just stay tuned for what’s next.I wanted to take this time to re-iterate my appreciation for my readers, who encourage me in ways y’all do not even understand. Thank you. I look forward to your continued support and suggestions. But.. before I go.. I gotta hit y’all with a little poll. (That Poli Sci in me just wont go away, I’m sorry.) #opinionpolltroll

Peace and good night y’all!

Marc W. Polite

(With a name like this, its either social commentary or writing etiquette books)


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