Polite Society: Week in Review- 4/3-4/8/11

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! A lot happened this week, and I’d rather get this all out in one shot instead of separate posts. Lets go!

President Obama Speaks at NAN Conference

As reported earlier in the week on this site, President Barack Obama spoke at the National Action Network this past Wednesday. It was a major event for the city, and brought out the best, brightest, and most successful Black luminaries. However, with the recent revelation that Obama’s approval rate slipping slightly in the Black  community, the president will have to pay more attention to the needs of African-Americans if he intends to win a second term. After two years of this administration, our community can no longer accept mere symbolism as substitute for needed redress, nor can we afford to confuse proximity to power for actual solutions. I caution all my readers to keep this in mind going forward, and into next year’s general election as well.

Cathie Black is Gone

The controversial ex-publishing executive  is no longer head of the public school system of New York City. While this is definitely a good thing, as Black should have never been appointed in the first place. However, her replacement doesn’t appear to be much better. Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott will be the new chancellor. Although Walcott, unlike Black is qualified in terms of education, he will push the same anti-teacher agenda of Mayor Bloomberg. Besides, its not like the schools closed will be re-opened under his leadership. Have no illusions, folks.

Controversy over the Late Manning Marable’s Malcolm X Opus

As many are aware, the book “Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention” debuted this past Monday. It comes in at 600+ pages, and is said to be a thorough going assessment of Malcolm’s life. Thursday, it came out that Malcolm’s daughters Ilyasah and Malaak are not thrilled about this new biography. Now, I haven’t read the book yet, (I just received it Thursday) but at this point I feel somewhat dubious about it. First, let me just say that no matter what is revealed, it will in no way detract from Malcolm’s greatness or his contributions to our community and the rest of the world. As far as digging into the details of Malcolm and Betty’s marriage.. I just am kind of uncomfortable with that. I just think its unnecessary. What is written in the book, we will all be grappling with it in terms of legacy, but to just go in on the dynamics of a relationship is a bit much. Just my opinion. Unfortunately, Marable is no longer with us to defend his reasoning for adding such a sensitive topic to his voluminous biography of Malcolm. What are your thoughts? Does the personal life of a public figure and their shortcomings matter in the scheme of things?

I would like to hear your thought on this, and the other stories that came out this week. Until next time, stay aware! Peace!

-Marc W. Polite


  1. Hey Mark,
    Hope all is well.
    Today I received an email from this online column that I wrote an article of two for, they were informing that they just started a new online website TheLegaciOnline.com and I wanted to pass the info over to you. After looking at some of your topics I think it would be a match made in heaven.


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