NYC Homeless Latest Victims of Budget Cuts

NYC’s most vulnerable are about to be thrown to the wolves.  Governor Andrew Cuomo’s cruel budget cuts now pose a threat to the Advantage program, which subsidizes the rent for 15,000 formerly homeless people. The spokesperson for the Governor passed the buck onto the Mayor stating that the City can pay for the program if it wants to.  With Mayor Bloomberg pushing for a 3 Billion dollar Waterfront revitalization, its apparent that the landscape of New York City is being shaped exclusively for the affluent.

Where does this leave everyone else? On the outs, quite literally.


  1. Bloomberg is absolutely wrong putting the that kind of money into the rebuilding a watwerfront instead of trying to keep these families in their homes. This proves that this mayor can care less about families, education, health and the well being of those who are on a constant battle just to survive here in NY. A portion of that $3 billion can help these families. But this proves that bloomberg priorities doesn’t not include the poor. What an A-Hole for a mayor

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