Ben Quayle: Sit Down Somewhere

It looks like Mr. Ben Quayle wants some attention. Last week, in a campaign video for his congressional run in Arizona, he opined that President Obama is “the worst president in history” Really? Worse than George W. Bush who led the country into a war with Iraq over non-existent “weapons of mass destruction?” Worse thanĀ  Ronald Reagan who presided over the massive firing of thousands of air traffic controllers? The War on Drugs? Iran-Contra? Need I go on? I’m not defending President Obama’s record, but there are presidents who have done a great deal more damage in office than he has.

Lets analyze the rest of this statement. What exactly does he mean when he says he was “raised right?” Is that code for “I am a good ol’ boy” and you can trust me? When you are the son of a ridiculed vice president that could not help a kid with his spelling, then perhaps you should keep your mouth closed about who is allegedly the worst president. The tea party patriots will be rallying around you shortly, and certifying your wingnut status.

Marc W. Polite

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