The Vanishing Art of Beatboxing

I realized something yesterday at the Doug E. Fresh concert. Now, I know what y’all are thinking. Oh no, not another post about how old school hip-hop is better than new school, and a literary denunciation of the effects of materialism on the artistry of this genre of music. There will be plenty of posts like that coming (I gotta keep speaking the truth!) but this is not one of them. I feel the need to point out a vanishing element in hip-hop culture, the human beatboxer.

Seriously. Can you name the last real beatboxer we had in the rap game? The last person who I remember to carry on the tradition was Rahzel.  And that was back in 1999. This is one element of hip-hop that definitely needs to get revived by some young cat.  Correct me if I am wrong, but this is one thing that alot of us older heads miss from back in the days.


Marc W. Polite

*Still has “The Show” playing in his head*


  1. I’m a little late on reading this, but beatboxing is a very lost art. That was the first thing i learned to do as a kid before learning everything else in Krush Groove. To this day, i still kick beats when bored from time to time. You may her Tumbled or Pharrell kick a beat, but nothing to get hyped about. Good read sir.

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