Jersey City Black Comic Con 2024

By Marc W. Polite

The first annual Jersey City Black Comic Con took place this past Saturday, June 29th, 2024. Held at the Mary McLeod Bethune Life Center, this gathering was for those who are deep into blerd culture.

Learning of this event, I just had to stop through and see what was there.

Dr. Who Comic Book

I saw this comic book they were offering, and had to snap it up. Yes, I am a Whovian… don’t judge me.

This poster is everything. If you think not…. you’re just wrong. Cat power. Lol.

Anyway, when it comes to events like this, I have a tendency to spend way too much money, so I had to put myself on a budget and limit my time there. Regardless, I was glad to see an event like this, and I hope there’s another one next year.


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