Multi-Functional Use of Storage Units as Workshops

By Brittany Cotton

Opening a business is expensive and requires a fair amount of room. Even if your business is workshop-based, your home may not have space to accommodate it. Renting space for a business can be out of reach, especially if you are starting.


An affordable and convenient option for some people is establishing their business in a storage unit. Many of these units allow people to run workshops from their rentals. You can get the room you need at a low price. This reduced overhead gives you time to establish your company before you rent a more conventional space.


Advantages of Storage Units as Workshops


The cost is well below traditional commercial spaces, and you can rent only the space you need. Your commitment is more flexible, so you are not tied into a long-term lease. Other advantages include:


Less Red Tape: Establishing a business usually requires s mountain of red tape and financial paperwork. Renting a storage unit is more straightforward. Instead of dealing with legal issues, you can work on your business.


Superior Security: Your storage unit comes with excellent security. They usually have gated entrances, multiple security cameras, and sometimes a security guard. If you have your own building, you will have to pay for pricey security measures yourself. Also, if you are in a competitive industry, a storage unit workshop keeps others from watching your progress.


Easy Billing: Many storage units send you one bill for the space, utilities, and possibly insurance. This service simplifies your accounting and makes budgeting easier. The billing situation is a huge benefit of using a storage unit.


Limitations of Storage Unit Workshops


Storage units do not work for every business, and some facilities have strict rules for businesses. Any business must meet general safety standards and the facility’s guidelines. You can’t work with flammable materials in a storage unit.


Neighbors: You can’t choose your neighbors in a storage unit. You may be forced to work next to multiple, noisy businesses. And your neighbors can change quickly. It’s a drawback you will have to work around.


Electrical Connections: Some storage units do not have adequate electrical connections for your needs. You have to consider if you should or can add more power accessibility.


Space: Your success may cause you to outgrow your space. Factor potential growth into your decision.


Before You Begin


A sit-down with facility management is a must. You need to be clear on their rules and make sure they understand your business needs. Ask what alterations you can make and if they have noise restrictions. A clear understanding between both parties will keep things running smoothly.


Storage Unit Workshops


A quality storage unit can help you establish your business with minimum cost. You don’t have to worry about security or tying yourself to a long-term lease. For many start-ups, it’s the perfect, affordable solution to their location needs. You can get a strong start with a storage unit workshop.

Brittany Cotton is a writer who focuses on health, wellness, and a variety of other topics. In her free time, you can find her reading, trying new recipes, or playing with her dog.

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