Tips For Keeping Your Jewelry in The Best Condition

By Brittany Cotton

Jewelry can have great intrinsic and sentimental value. Fine jewelry can enhance your natural beauty and that of your outfit. An eye-catching necklace, a shiny pair of earrings, or a sparkling bracelet can all embellish your appearance and make you look and feel radiant and confident.


But jewelry can be very delicate and easily damaged. However, some basic handling tips and regular maintenance can keep your jewelry looking its best.


Why Keep Your Jewelry Looking Its Best

It makes a good impression. If you want to convey a good impression, whether in a social setting, to a potential employer or client, or with a new romantic partner, high-quality jewelry is a great way to do that. It indicates you are making the effort to look your best.


It shows you take pride in your appearance. Your appearance is what people notice first upon meeting you, and how you present yourself can have an outsized impact on how the relationship will go. Within a few seconds, people make judgments about your personality, trustworthiness, and more, just based on your appearance. These judgments will be hard to prove wrong later.


It indicates you are reliable and trustworthy. Taking care of your jewelry means you are the kind of person who takes pride in your work and follows through on your commitments. These are attractive qualities in both personal and professional situations.


It shows you pay attention to details. Caring for fine jewelry requires meticulous attention to detail, and attention to detail is also a valued attribute in social relationships as well as in the workplace.


It shows you value your jewelry. Taking good care of your jewelry shows you appreciate its beauty. For jewelry that was a gift from someone, it also shows you value the person and the relationship.


It can help extend its life. Proper care and maintenance can prevent your jewelry from being damaged or fading, so it will last longer.


It can save you money. Taking care of your jewelry will help you avoid having to replace it as often.


It increases value. If you ever go to sell any of your jewelry, proper maintenance will increase its value.


How to Keep Your Jewelry Looking Its Best

Avoid Exposure to Water and Chemicals


Like electricity, jewelry and water don’t mix. Moisture can tarnish precious metals, even gold. So, remove your jewelry before stepping in the shower.


Likewise, exposure to lotions, perfumes, and makeup can make jewelry corrode faster. It is best to put your jewelry on after you are finished getting ready to avoid exposing your jewelry to oxidizing and corroding substances.


Although gold and silver in their original state are resistant to corrosion, they are also too soft to be made into jewelry. So, gold and silver are typically mixed with other metals to give them strength. These other metals can corrode and break down over time.


Wearing jewelry while doing dishes or laundry can be a compound issue because it exposes your jewelry to both cleaning chemicals and moisture. It is best to take off your jewelry before doing these kinds of household tasks.


Don’t Store Jewelry Items Together in a Box


Many people store their jewelry pieces together in a jewelry box. But this allows gemstones and metals to scratch and damage one another. A better way is to store jewelry in an organizer with designated compartments in different sizes, so you can arrange necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other items in the compartments. An airtight container that is out of direct sunlight will help keep jewelry from oxidizing and fading.


Clean Your Jewelry Regularly


Cleaning your jewelry periodically removes dirt, dust, and other grime that can damage it. You can clean your jewelry with a mild soap and water mixture and let it dry thoroughly before putting it away. You can also have your jewelry professionally cleaned or purchase cleaning products from a jeweler.


Have Damaged or Tarnished Jewelry Repaired Promptly


Jewelry that is severely tarnished or damaged may need to be cleaned and treated by a professional jeweler. This is particularly true for precious metals or stones.


Also, inspect your jewelry regularly for loose stones or worn prongs, and take it for professional repair if needed. Loose stones can fall out and become lost. Prongs can get bumped and snagged on clothing, which can make them loose and allow stones to fall out. Loose prongs may not be clearly visible to the wearer, so professional inspections can help keep your jewelry in good condition.


Jewelry Can Be an Heirloom


An engagement ring and wedding ring are often among a person’s most treasured possessions. Additionally, rings, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry items are sometimes passed down through generations. As the current holder, you may feel a responsibility to keep the item in pristine condition and someday pass it on to your descendants. Following some basic tips like the ones presented in this article can help keep your priceless jewelry looking its best.

Brittany Cotton is a writer who focuses on health, wellness, and a variety of other topics. In her free time, you can find her reading, trying new recipes, or playing with her dog.

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