Wendy’s To Introduce Surge Pricing On Their Menu

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By Marc W. Polite

Good evening, my readers. Everytime you turn around, someone else is in your pocket. Greedflation appears to be the strategy of all these corporations. Raising prices just because they can- and get away with making record profits leads to record poverty for your everyday working person.

You may have already heard that Wendy’s is planning to introduce “surge pricing” for their fast food menu. Meaning that,  should you venture into this eatery during a busy time period, your burger and fries will cost more.

This is just outrageous. It’s yet another way to bleed people dry, especially those who can least afford these higher prices. The concern is that if this goes into effect and is not negatively responded to by consumers in any way, it could encourage other fast food companies to follow suit.

Last week, the Kelloggs CEO was gloating about profits from people struggling and having to eat cereal for dinner. This week, the idea of surge prices on fast food is introduced.

Price gouging is out of control, and there’s apparently no end in sight. Two things that I want to end with. One, if you’re response is going to go something like “Step Your Money Game Up” – you can double stuff it. You got your bread together, that’s great for you. I’m talking to regular people. 

Two, if you say “Well, people shouldn’t be eating fast food anyway” – way to miss the point about life becoming costlier for everyone.

As for everyone else… some of us are wondering what the breaking point will be?

That’s it for this post. Peace.

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