One Year Anniversary of “Quiet With A Loud Mind”

Quiet With A Loud Mind in print

By Marc W. Polite

Good afternoon, folks. Happy Friday! Today marks exactly one year since the publication of my fifth and most recent book “Quiet With A Loud Mind“. It has been an interesting year with this collection. I’m thankful for the support that has come my way for this project, and as you might know, I will be at the Harlem Book Fair tomorrow. I’ll have this book and my others available as well. If you factor in a reading at the Brooklyn Book Festival, and an appearance at the Independent Book Author Expo next Saturday, this means an eventful beginning of the Fall for this writer.

I’d also like to share a recent interview from author Judy C. Andrews at her blog Blessed Brown. I discuss Artificial Intelligence, Black Mirror, and Afro-Futurism. You may read it here: Award-Winning Author, Marc W. Polite, Sheds Brilliance on AI, Gaming, and Afrofuturism

Thanks all, and take care.


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