So, I Picked Up Starfield This Weekend..


By Marc W. Polite

Good evening, everyone. As you can see from the title, I picked up the new Xbox game Starfield and.. this game is everything!

I’m not a big RPG guy, but this game really has me hooked. I enjoyed the Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic games as well as the Mass Effect series. Looking at trailers, this game reminded me of those.. so I decided to give it a try. Glad that I did. I avoided all of the reviews, because so many tried to tank this game before it even hit escape velocity.

I’m a total noob, and them space pirates stay sinking my battleship, but it’s still fun. Once I rank up and stop getting my spacecraft folded quicker than a poorly made submersible, then I’ll be aight.

Anyway, if you’re into science fiction themed video games, Starfield is worth picking up. Enough for now.. I gotta go armor up. Peace.


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