Why Supporting Ukraine Matters For The Future of Europe And The World

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Mostly we think of charity as having to do with helping individual people. But thanks to the war in Ukraine, giving is now also becoming a way to provide assistance to Europe as a whole and the world. Russian activities mean that a long-established peace is now coming to an end, and we are in a particularly precarious position. 

Ukraine Is A Valuable Strategic Partner

One of the main reasons for supporting Ukraine is that the country is a strategic partner for Western countries. Democratic countries are building strong ties with the local people by providing support. It is likely that Ukrainians will remember the actions of its allies for generations, providing governments with a stalwart ally in the region for decades or perhaps centuries to come. 

Ukraine Is Essential For Energy Security

Ukraine also plays a pivotal role in energy security in Europe. It plays host to some of the largest natural gas transport networks in the world, ferrying commodities and gas to most of the continent. It’s essential for supplying millions of people with the energy they need for transport, agriculture, and medical care. 

Ukraine Is Essential For Defending Democratic Values

Ukraine is also an ideological battleground where democratic values and autocracies are battling to gain dominance. While by no means a perfect country, Ukraine has a fledgling democracy and that’s something that the West wants to defend in the region. It is critical that stable political regimes predominate in the world to prevent any individual person or entity from gaining too much power. 

Democratic values have been struggling recently, thanks to changes in technology. If Ukraine can survive this war with its political system intact, it will be a shining example of the robustness of the liberal order. 

Ukraine Is Enhancing Global Partnerships

Giving charitably to Ukraine is also enhancing global partnerships. Countries from all over the world are providing various forms of support to prevent the country from being overrun by foreign troops. 

Many countries are providing assistance, even those that are not geographically close. For instance, how is Australia helping Ukraine? Essentially, the country is providing billions of dollars in humanitarian aid to ensure the country can continue to function relatively normally in the areas outside of combat zones. 

Ukraine is also improving Western security arrangements. The growth and unification of NATO prove that while some factors divide the Western world, principles still bind these countries closely. Even Germany, a long-standing partner of Russia because of its dependence on gas, is taking a strong stance against the regime. 

Ukraine Is A Source Of Innovation

Finally, Ukraine is a source of innovation, new technologies, and critical ideas. The country contributes significantly to global scientific progress. Giving to the country may help preserve its research and development institutions, enabling it to make critical contributions to its people and global society. 

In summary, supporting Ukraine through this challenging time is critical. It’s vital for global security that acts of aggression like this cannot succeed. Fortunately, we can all help the effort on a personal level. 

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