Canada Wildfires Point to Ongoing Climate Crisis

Photo by Pixabay:

By Marc W. Polite

The climate crisis continues to show itself. This is Day 2 of the Canada wildfires that are blazing uncontrolled. The smoke from these fires has spread to the Midwestern United States and the East Coast also. Reports came in this afternoon that the smoke has reached as far as South Carolina.

Today, it was noted that the air quality in New York City has dropped to levels not reached since the 1960s. Those who have respiratory ailments are being encouraged to not be outside if possible, and to wear masks for the smoke if venturing out is unavoidable.

This is pretty surreal to look up in the sky and see it be orange instead of clear blue. However, this is unfortunately the result of not taking climate change seriously.

For the safety of millions of people, there needs to be at the very least a joint effort between the United States and Canada to get these fires under control. The unnerving fact about the reality of climate change is that there’s a need for international cooperation to address it. The will to do so, clashes with the financial imperatives of different nations.

Unless this happens, then we’re in for a lot more occurrences like this. Otherwise, expect the skies to look like Blade Runner 2049.

These continue to be trying times.

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