What Are Some Good Summer Side Hustles Ideas?

Summer Side Hustles

Summer is coming, and for some people, that might mean either a decrease in pay or some extra free time on their hands. Either way, finding a second job can fill the void. If you want to find a great summer side hustle for yourself, we’ve put together some good ideas for you to try out. Not all of them will work for you, but we’re sure you’ll find one that’ll pique your interest.

Get Into Yard Work

One side hustle that’s perfect for the warmer weather is yard work services. As a baseline, you should offer to mow people’s grass since it’s easy to do, and many people are looking for someone who can do it for them.

If you know what you’re doing, though, you can expand your services to include hedge trimming, tree pruning, and even backyard makeovers. How in-depth you want to go on this is entirely up to you.

Start Selling Food

While you’ll need to get the proper permits, summer is a great time to get into the food-making game. If you want to ensure this side gig remains a summer-only thing, pick an area that thrives during this time of year. Some good examples are concession stands, food trucks, and pop-up restaurants. All of these will be easy to shut back down once temperatures drop.

Invest in Vending Machines

Once people start spending more time outside, the sales of vending machines tend to go up, especially for ice and water vendors. While you’ll need to pay a lot for the machine itself, the summer sales should more than make up for it.

One thing to keep in mind is the importance of ice vending machine maintenance all year long. Fortunately, since the usage of the machines will decrease a bit when summer ends, it shouldn’t take up too much of your time during the winter.

Take Care of Pets

If you like taking care of pets, you might as well get paid to do so. Pet sitting is a great way to get paid while having fun playing with someone else’s pet. You can also look into dog walking. This is a popular service in larger cities, and you could make a decent amount of money doing it.

Work on Cars

If you’re really into cars, working on people’s vehicles for a reasonable fee is another side hustle possibility. The warm weather will make working outside on someone’s car much easier. Plus, this is the time of year when many people find out that their car took a big hit during the winter, so take advantage of it.

Find a Part-Time Summer Job

Finally, if all else fails, a good summer side hustle idea could be applying for a summer job. Lifeguards and camp counselors are two perfect examples. If you’re a teacher who’s off for the season and looking to help students with their education, you can look into summer tutoring possibilities.

If you need extra money this summer and you have some free time, the options available to you are nearly endless.


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