Helpful Ways To Combat Returning Depression


Many people experience depression when the struggles of life begin to feel too heavy. When we take steps to overcome these depressive states, we can begin to enjoy life once again. But for many, depression is a reoccurring state. It’s important to have ways of combatting returning depression. For some helpful tips, read on to learn how to fight back when depression rears its head.

Take a Break From Social Media

While numerous sites on the internet may make you laugh or learn something new, there is plenty of harmful content out there as well. Social media affects our minds, emotions, and behaviors as we view the posts of different people living their happiest lives. But these images and descriptions of good times can worsen our depression and increase insecurities about why we aren’t also having the time of our lives.

Seeing someone enjoying life can remind us that we are in a depressive state that we’ve felt before, which is why it’s best to stay away from social media when you’re feeling this way. Delete social media apps when your depression returns so that it doesn’t worsen and you don’t focus on the seemingly perfect lives of others.

It’s also important to note that most people only post the good aspects of their lives; they likely still experience struggles like you. You are not alone in feeling down or climbing an uphill battle—what you feel is completely normal.

Prioritize Fun

When depression rears its ugly head, and you begin to feel less energized, it’s important to take up activities to combat these feelings. Spending time outside, exercising, and engaging in creative activities is always encouraged when you feel your depression creeping in. Partaking in fun activities on a regular basis can be a great way to lift your spirits and kickstart the serotonin in your brain.

Eliminate Stress

Your job, responsibilities at home, or upcoming dates may cause you to feel mounting stress that you don’t know how to manage. This stress will eventually throw off serotonin production and cause depression to return.

If you can, take time off work or find someone to help you with your responsibilities so that you can take extra time to focus on yourself. Certain homeopathic remedies may help reduce stress and help you feel calmer, making room for better feelings to come into your life.

Have a Treatment Plan in Place

Having a plan in place to manage your emotions during times of crisis is always a good idea. A treatment plan will help you combat returning depression and give you a structured way to get back into a better way of living.

Treatment plans should include time to listen to and address your depression and the emotions that come with it. Your depression symptoms may stem from a certain part of your life, and it’s important to listen to these symptoms so that you can understand them and figure out how to manage them when they return.

You should also plan for daily activities and rest days so that you can actively recover from the effects of depression and rest your mind. Treatment plans will vary by person, but you must include the components and objectives that suit your needs.

When depression symptoms come back around, you can use certain techniques to prevent them from taking over your life. Use these methods to combat your depression when it returns so that you can have an easier time returning to life’s joyful moments and staying productive.


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