Book Launch: “Little River” by Velma McClymont- May 14th

“Little River” Book Launch Flyer

In Little River: 1731-1812, former children’s author Kate Elizabeth Ernest (Dr Velma McClymont) makes her long-awaited comeback with this ambitious tale of a Highlander, Duncan Hutchinson (later Foulkes), who goes to Jamaica to make “a West India fortune”. Spanning from the Highlands of Scotland to Jamaica and West Africa, the narrative straddles three continents and bridges several cultures.

Published in time to mark Jamaica’s 60th Independence, this historical novel points the finger at Britain (especially Scotland) for the kidnapping, trafficking, exploitation and racial subjugation of our enslaved African ancestors. The book also adds to the body of work on reparations for chattel slavery! Hence, I hope you will join me in celebrating the launch of my fifth book, which tells the story of the Jamaican people (two more volumes to come).

Date & Time: Saturday 14 May at 6.30pm UK/1.30pm Jamaica/1.30pm NY.


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