The Importance of Accessible Technology

For many people in the developed world, it’s hard to think of life without technology. From the smartphone in your pocket and tablet in your bag to the computer you work on and the television you watch in the evening, devices find their way into so many parts of day-to-day life.

Of course, this wasn’t always the case. Technology had a slow start in the 20th century but quickly boomed in the last 30 years. While what was available in the 1990s brought so many benefits to modern life, over the past 20 years alone, there have been some of the biggest advancements in the technology sphere.

The rise of the internet

The other absolutely life-changing asset most now have that goes alongside technology in many ways is the internet. This has given people access to information that would have never been possible before. Where you used to have to go to a library or contact a specific institution for a piece of information, you can now find it in minutes on a search engine.

Unfortunately, though, many people don’t have access to this sort of technology or the internet, and it certainly has its effects. When you can’t keep up with the rest of the world because you don’t have the same resources that they do, it’s natural to start to fall behind.

Life without technology

Though it may be easy to think that life without technology and the internet would be fine, after all, humans have lived that way for thousands of years. It’s much easier said than done when you consider the rest of the world still has it. While this statement might have some truth to it if the world had to suddenly give it all up together, when one group or country has access to these resources and another doesn’t, it’s unfair, to say the least.

While systemic change is required to allow less fortunate communities the true access they deserve, there are some things that the consumer can do to help tackle this too.

Giving old tech a new life

One of the biggest being the fact that they can donate their old technology. The modern world pushes upgrades on existing customers all the time, so if you’re someone who changes their devices a lot, it can be confusing to think why someone would want your “outdated” tech.

However, it’s more than likely that your old tech has so much life still in it and would be so valuable for someone who needs it. Just upgraded your phone to the latest model? Maybe you want to purchase a new Lenovo artists Laptop to help improve your life as an artist and don’t know what to do with your old device?

Finding a company that finds a new home for your old tech for people that need it can be one of the best ways you can help towards a more technologically accessible world in a very personal way.

The modern world is always growing and will hopefully mean that everyone can access technology and the internet one day. Until then, it’s great to know that you can do your bit.

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