3 Benefits of Digital Minimalism for Entrepreneurs

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For entrepreneurs, there are obviously a large number of different things to focus on and get right in order to try and ensure the best chances of professional success.

Entrepreneurship involves many different challenges and offers many potential rewards, but it’s essential for entrepreneurs to properly manage their time, energy, resources, and focus in order to achieve everything they need to achieve.

The various digital tools at our disposal today can obviously be very useful for entrepreneurs in a number of ways, such as by providing a brochure and flyer services via companies like Lucidpress.

At the same time, though, there are some serious potential drawbacks of spending too much time on digital devices and in front of screens as an entrepreneur, as potentially counterintuitive as this may seem to be.

The concept of “digital minimalism” has gained a lot of traction in recent years and basically argues that by limiting your use of digital devices, you may become more productive and focused in certain ways.

Here are some benefits of a bit of digital minimalism for entrepreneurs.

Deeper more focused work

The writer Cal Newport has become very popular in entrepreneurial and productivity-focus circles, and he has actually written a book called “Digital Minimalism” precisely about the benefits of being less focused on digital devices during the day.

One of his other highly popular books is called “Deep Work,” and in this book, he looks at some compelling evidence that individuals who are able to reduce distractions and to focus on one thing at a time in-depth, routinely do much better than individuals who are constantly bombarded by minor distractions throughout the day.

According to Newport, even something like checking your phone for a few seconds can ruin your ability to focus for the next half an hour or more.

The ability to get into states of deep focus, and to do “deep work” may help an entrepreneur to really gain an edge.

More of a big picture perspective

Generally speaking, being totally preoccupied with digital devices and computer programs at all times of the day and night means that we end up having our focus quite narrowly drawn to different tasks and considerations, while constantly jumping between things.

In the context of a business, this might mean that you are always preoccupied with a particular task or project that you are working on, and lack a broader sense of perspective.

Practicing a bit of digital minimalism may help you to take a step back and to gain a broader big picture perspective that can help you to make wise executive decisions going forward.

Less “noise” influencing your viewpoint

One thing about digital devices and platforms is that they tend to generate a lot of “noise,” in the form of numerous different streams of information.

When you’re constantly bombarded by all of this “noise,” your own viewpoint will tend to be skewed, and you will likely find it harder to achieve and maintain mental clarity and maybe even wellbeing.

Digital minimalism may help to enhance your viewpoints by reducing this noise.

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