A Few Thoughts For King Day 2022

By Marc W. Polite

Good evening, my readers. Tomorrow is the day when we are observing the birthday of Martin Luther King. Jr.

There are sure to be many disingenuous messages coming from people who should be silent- especially considering they represent the polar opposite of what King fought for.

2022 has begun roughly for many. While the news cycles have been overwhelmed with the Bronx fire last week, so many New Yorkers are concerned with this as a possibility due to the patterns of neglect. This can happen in any building, and many of us know it.

Compounding people’s concerns, is the reality that the moratorium on evictions ended yesterday. What does this have to do with MLK day? I’ll say this: this King day, let’s think about the vulnerable and the working poor in the spirit of concern where this slain leader fought for them.

Many of the same voices who will elevate the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., will be the same in deeds who will enact policies that harm the vulnerable that he advocated for. Let’s keep this in mind tomorrow.

That’s it for this post. Take care.

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