11 Resources for Directing Your Own Nonprofit

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By Amber Ramsey

Becoming a nonprofit director is a major responsibility. But if you want to tackle a specific problem in your area, sometimes you need to take charge by starting your own organization. Whether you’re feeling motivated because of your experiences with a nonprofit, or you’ve always dreamed of working in the nonprofit world, these resources are packed with tips from Polite On Society on planning, finances, and management skills.

The Planning Stage

The decisions you make in the early days of your nonprofit can determine the success of your organization.

  • You’re eager to officially start working — but first, you need to get clear on your vision with a nonprofit business plan.
  • Don’t wait until you have donations coming in to work out your potential budget. Start drafting an organizational budget!
  • Choose your board members carefully and consider what each member will bring to the table.

Financial Tips

From fundraising to filing your taxes, these resources cover several important aspects of financial management for nonprofits.

  • Fundraising is crucial for your nonprofit’s future, so craft a comprehensive and effective fundraising strategy.
  • Before hiring your first employees, get set up with payroll software that provides all of the features you need.
  • In the midst of your busy schedule, don’t forget to file your taxes on time!

Managing Your Team

You want to be a great leader — and these resources will help you grow.

  • Learn what talents every dedicated nonprofit leader should possess.
  • Streamline and optimize your processes for onboarding and training your volunteers.
  • Look for chances to volunteer with other nonprofits to learn from their directors.
  • Take advantage of free online tools, like this one to convert JPG to PDF.
  • You can also gain crucial skills in your field by pursuing an advanced degree!

Upon starting your nonprofit, you might not have realized how much you still had to learn! But learning on the job can be very valuable. And with these resources, you’ll see your organization’s positive impact on your community.

Marc Polite of Polite On Society is the author of “Poetic Ruminations” and “Everything To Learn, Nothing to Teach.” He’d love to hear from you!

Photo via Pexels

Bio: “Amber is a career woman. She’s fierce, confident, and has the “can do” attitude we all strive for. Like most of us, she started out in the corporate world, but she found that her fire, spirit, and creativity were better suited to the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Amber has been on both sides of the desk, as an employee and the boss, so she has plenty of career advice to share.”

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