Omicron Emerges: Latest Covid-19 Variant Discovered

By Marc W. Polite

Good morning, my readers. A world battered by a nearly two-year-long pandemic has yet another reason to be concerned. On Thursday, a new Covid-19 variant was discovered. It has been given the name “omicron” – and was discovered in South Africa.

The World Health Organization held an emergency meeting Friday, as a result of this revelation. At this point, it is unknown whether this variant is resistant to all of the vaccines available around the world. There is a concern that it could be the case.

As of this morning, there are cases in Germany, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Belgium among a few other nations. Given the global realities, it’s only a matter of time before it is here in the United States.

At this point, the sensible thing to do is to take all of the measures to protect ourselves. I’d also encourage my readers to be mindful of the ongoing disinformation out there. On the Polite On Society Facebook Page, there we strive to share sources that are verifiable. This in my opinion is the best way to use this platform. With that said, I encourage you to vet everything you hear, no matter where it is coming from.

All we can do is brace ourselves, and keep alert as to the latest developments. Take care, stay aware, and stay safe.



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