6 Things You Can do When Your Career Doesn’t Seem to go Anywhere

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For many people, landing a dream job began with an internship and a full-time job offer after an excellent track record. For some, it was sheer lack or countless hustles and part-time gigs. Either way, starting your career is an accomplishment that sets your professional and personal life on the right path. But what if you are stuck in a dream career with no prospects of upward mobility?

Career stagnation is commonplace and can be a frustrating experience. The same job that you were so eager to land may suddenly or gradually seem unexciting. Individuals caught in this web find every effort belabored and their energy reserves drained. From lack of growth of opportunities to negative attitude and outdated skills, career stagnation is caused by multiple factors. The following are some of the best tips on what you can do when your career is stagnated:

Reevaluate yourself

Assessing where you currently stand in your professional and personal life is vital in injecting new energy into your life. Such assessment will underline what you currently need in your life. The dynamics of life usually change our career goals over time. While the prospect of a high-powered job might have been your initial career, emerging issues such as family or even health may require you to adjust your sail. 

Knowing who you are now, including your passion and motivators, will inject new perspectives and energy into your career. Ensure that you understand what your current “right career path” entails. Understanding what drives you now, as opposed to forcing a past ambition onto the present, will help you redefine job satisfaction and workplace experience.

Get noticed

Some careers are stuck because we prefer to wait on the wings. Place yourself strategically within the workplace and avoid waiting to be noticed. Career opportunities will pass you if you are always afraid to jump into the limelight. Always take earned and deserved credit for accomplishments and apply for those vacancies. If your dream is to become a manager, then submit your credentials when the position falls vacant. Take every shot and watch your career take an upward trajectory. Career growth and job satisfaction come with taking on new challenges.

Learn new skills

A lack of career direction can lead to stagnation. One of the best ways to achieve professional growth is by learning new skills. Additional certifications, even in a new field, increases your employability. Honing your skills will take you a step closer to landing a promotion and new responsibilities needed to inject new impetus into your career. If you are an IT professional, now might the right time to enroll for a masters in cyber security online. Challenge yourself, leave your comfort zone, achieve new skills and you will finally grow your career to that point you envisioned years ago.

Watch out for the comparison trap

When assessing and reviewing your life, avoid the temptation of comparing yourself to others. We can feel easily disillusioned if our job titles or salaries fade compared to those of friends or classmates. Once we fall into this trap, we feel disappointed and get blindsided. A feeling of dissatisfaction can creep in, leaving us unmotivated to pursue our career goals. However, such comparisons are lopsided as weaknesses and challenges faced are blurred. Avoid the comparison trap by acknowledging and basking in the glory of your accomplishments. Focus and leverage on your strengths and set yourself on a new path with a positive mindset.

Counterbalance workplace monotony

Finding an inspirational endeavor, such as a hobby, will help in breaking workplace monotony and re-energize your career. A nine-to-five daily work routine usually takes a toll on people. A pet project, charity work, or side gig can reignite your creativity while acting as a channel out to your energies and passions. As a result, you get the opportunity to reconnect with your inner power while positively reenergizing your career. However, always develop a healthy obsession with such hobbies or projects to maintain a work-life balance.    

Consider a new career path

Sometimes all you need is to start all over again. If your career is stuck because you’ve outgrown your initial goals, needs, and priorities, consider changing careers. However, a new path is usually a last resort. Such a decision requires careful consideration and adequate preparation. Reach out to your contacts, grow your network, and save more funds.

Career stagnation is a frustrating experience. If you find yourself stuck at work, always stay focused and explore your possibilities. Rejuvenate your career through intentional decisions that will reignite your passion or redefine your career path.


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