Artist Interview: Phelo The Great

Phelo The Great


By Marc W. Polite

The rap game is ever-changing, and there are always newer artists ready to make their impression on the scene. Phelo The Great is an artist that is determined to be heard in this industry but on his own terms. Born in the Bay Area, but raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Phelo is an artist with a musical background. His mother and father sang in the church, and it influenced him a great deal. He like many had to work, and is also a veteran- he spent three years in the Air Force.

“Music was always therapy for me,” said Phelo of his artistic endeavors. In discussing some of the hip-hop artists who inspire him, Phelo names an assortment of rappers who have made their mark. Phelo the Great appreciates the work of Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Eightball &MJG, Luke, Rakim, and Nas.

In discussing his own music, Phelo talks relationships. “My music is grown folks music. People who have been through things.” Phelo mentions that it is important to know the difference between toxic relationships. With R&B elements in his music, Phelo aims to use that to reach people who miss that vibe in the game. Coming from the era of courting and dating, Phelo captures that in his songs. Phelo promises more of this kind of content in his forthcoming EP, “Break Up to Make Up”

While awaiting this music launch, Phelo has other pursuits that are active at the moment. Aside from being a recording artist, Phelo is also  CEO of Boss Radio Live, a media marketing platform. On there, he has a show called The Book of Phelo, which airs four times a week, Monday through Thursday at 4pm Central Time. He uses this platform to help other independent artists get on as well.

Phelo the Great, while he wants to get more known, also is certain that he is not looking for a deal. “Being independent is less stress on me. I don’t have the pressure of being dropped, or having to go which way my strings are pulled.” Touting a realistic approach, Phelo intends to study the game, and make videos to accompany the songs in lieu of being able to do in person tours because of this pandemic. Phelo plans to make a web series out of the project, since that is the way to reach potential listeners at this time.

You can find music from Phelo the Great on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

The song “Gone Baby Gone” from Romance and Raparations is in the link below.

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