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Greetings, my readers. Turning one’s passion into a viable business is no small endeavor. While many are encouraged to do so, it takes a lot of determination to do so. Today’s profile is an interview with Glynis Albright, who has taken her passion for cooking and founded Glynis Kitchen . She discusses how she began, and more below.

Polite On Society: For those who would like to familiarize themselves with you, who is Glynis Albright?

Glynis Albright: I am a Wife to my junior high school sweetheart; Mother of two adult children, Selina and Brandon; and Business woman owning Glynis’ Products, Inc. which holds beneath its wings, five different gourmet foodlines. I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I grew up there and also, in South Central Los Angeles. You’ll mostly find me to have a very upbeat, perky temperament. I love the Lord and am grateful for the gift of life, as my life has been touch and go a few times. I love to cook, bake, dance, and do word puzzles. By profession, I am a Nutritional Therapist. I have been creating foods for people with various health challenges for over 25 years. I also enjoy just blessing people (just because) by sending them home-cooked surprises through the mail. PRE-Covid, I was known for causing most of my friends and colleagues to rearrange their travel schedules just so they could visit my home to get a special blessing from my home kitchen.

POS: You have taken your passion for cooking and developed it into a business. How did you make this transition?

GA: When I became ill back in the early ‘90’s, my diet and lifestyle had to change. I was practically bed-ridden but didn’t want to be. During my visits to the hospitals for various therapies, I met other men and women who were suffering like me. I’m a talker. Through conversations with strangers, I decided to start a food line that would assist with our healing processing. As I got stronger and stronger, I decided to try offering these treats to others who were health challenged, as well as those people who were health conscious and wanted to guard their bodies against dis-ease. I found out that people were willing to pay me to do it for them. I opened two locations in Simi Valley, California and the rest is history.

POS: Tell us about your experience discussing your endeavors on a cruise. That sounded like it was fun.

GA: In 2007, after being recognized by The Food Network Channel, I started appearing on jazz cruises with my husband, Gerald Albright. It first started out with me doing demonstrations. I would talk for about 30 minutes, sharing my testimony as a cancer survivor and how I combined my knowledge and experience in the health and wellness field to the culinary field. During the Q & A, samples of my treats were being passed around to those who attended my cooking hour. My first class held 150 people. Each time I’d have a class, it would grow. By 2015, my audience had changed. They had outgrown the taste-testing stage. They wanted to whole thing, not just a nibble. The chefs began to use my recipes to serve my dishes for the late-night crowds. By 2017, a huge pallet (which held 10 commercial cases of Glynis’Waffle Mix to feed the 7,000 cruisers for both breakfast seatings) was loaded onto the belly of the cruise ship to be used for its main dining room.

POS: What motivated you to start M.A.N.E.®?

GA: Making Advancements toward Nutritional Empowerment. M.A.N.E. ® is a nonprofit outlet that serves those who have lost their mane (hair) through various health challenges, therapies, and/or medications. M.A.N.E ® is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides wigs and hair care for those in need. Other areas of help are: skincare, dental care, nail care, and weight management. My reason for choosing those FIVE areas is because these FIVE areas are most affected when going through a life-threatening challenge. Unfortunately, these are the areas that we are most judged by in society (whether it be on the work force or socially). Once again, just by sitting and having a conversation with strangers, Iwas able to hone in on the things that affected them the most. What were the things that really made them feel sad, lonely, and “not” enough? What were some of the things that angered them while going through their cancer journey? Most of their responses were about their NEW look (little to no hair, dull complexion, weakened nails, the loss of their teeth or aching gums, extra or lost weight) and how horrible they felt most of the time (feeling fatigue and loss of self-esteem). M.A.N.E.® helps with gaining all of that back.

POS: Where can we find Glynis’ Kitchen® products?

GA: Glynis’ Kitchen® products can be found on the shelves at HomeGoods stores in three regions of the United States (the Midwest, the South, and the East). TJMaxx companies consist of 4 stores (HomeGoods, Marshall’s, TJMaxx and HomeSense). Contingent upon the town, my products may be placed in any of the four. I’ve been tracking the products on my own. With the help of customers, who have been taking photos and posting where they are seeing the products on shelves.For international orders, I can be found on has distribution centers in Australia, the UK, Europe, and Singapore. You can ALWAYS order my products through I ship out twice a week, nationwide via USPS. I just recently signed on with Once we finish up with the legalities, my products will be available through their website as well.

POS: How are you continuing your cooking demonstrations with everything being virtual for the moment?

GA: I can be found on YouTube under Glynis’ Kitchen and Glynis Albright. Periodically, I will do Facebook LIVE shows cooking in my own kitchen and my audience can cook along with me. I love interacting with my audience! Sometimes, my husband and I will both be on having fun together as some of his audience is also mine.

POS: Are there any forthcoming products from Glynis’ Kitchen that you want to make us aware of?

GA: Yes!! I just finished testing out Glynis’® Gluten Free Waffle Mix and the FDA approved nutritional facts label is done!!! Due to Covid, the production has been delayed. I am hopeful to have my Gluten Free Waffle Mix released to the public by the end of Spring. As soon as we nail down a syrup manufacturer in the Denver area, Glynis’® Caramel Spice Syrup and Glynis’ ® Berry Syrup (Blackberry, Boysenberry, and Strawberry combo) will be released too. Your audience can reach out to me on all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Glynis’ Kitchen or email me at,

I’d like to thank Glynis for taking the time to communicate with us today. To find out more, visit Glynis’ Kitchen.

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