Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol

This is a day that will be infamous in American history. Supporters of lame-duck president Donald Trump have stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Unmoved by an electoral loss, Trump supporters mobilized in a threatening manner to stop the certification of the electoral college results from looks to be coordinated, as police found themselves “overwhelmed” by the violent protestors. Technically, it is an insult to call these people protestors- they are really insurrectionists. The key difference between these MAGA people and other assemblies is that their aim is to subvert a democratically elected government and keep their leader Trump in the seat. Trump has told them to “go home” but that was just a half-hearted statement. This was egged on by him for months. This day is what he had in mind when he told his supporters to “stand back and stand by” a few months ago.

What was supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power is now mired in chaos, and Trump’s demagogic calls have created an additional crisis at a time this country faces more than its fair share of concurrent crises.We sit here, at home, watching in disbelief as this loser is backed by right-wing mobs, throwing a collective temper tantrum over an election that their guy clearly lost. We don’t know how this is going to end, but what this sets in motion portends a potentially ugly conclusion if this goes on too long.




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