From The Amsterdam News: Gov. Cuomo’s School Reopening Decree Unsound

Good morning, my readers. I took some needed time off to rest. I realize that I hadn’t posted for a bit. I want to give you all a link to my latest piece in the Amsterdam News. It is about Governor Cuomo’s school reopening plan. There needs to be a bigger conversation about how viable this is.. considering that the virus is still raging. Feel free to comment either here or on the article on the site.

Gov. Cuomo’s School Reopening Decree Unsound

Until next post. Peace.



  1. Marc,
    Thank you for sharing your insightful analyses about the Governor’s school reopening plan. The fundamental premises upon which this culture’s healthcare system is built, the Cartesian model and consumerism, often create the scotoma where decisions are not made in favor of the welfare of people, but rather property and systems. Your article helps to broaden our viewpoints and perhaps our conversations to choose wisely as self-referenced individuals.

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