How to Become A Responsible Citizen

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With the growing need of political voices in our country, it is important that each citizen becomes aware of issues and starts getting involved. There are endless amounts of issues to get involved with, so it is important that you find what is important to you and start making your voice heard. If you don’t know how to get started, here are some ways everyone can get involved.


There are a rising number of protests happening across America right now, so being involved in a protest is only a matter of finding where one is happening near you. Protesting effectively means becoming familiar with guidelines and rules. You have the right to protest peacefully, and most happen without police interference. You should always weigh the risks when participating in a protest and know what you feel comfortable doing. You should also prepare for your needs before you go to a protest by wearing sunscreen, bringing water, and have some cash and an ID on your person.


Voting is a crucial part of being politically involved. Educating yourself on the issues, the people running for office, and each political platform will help you to make an educated and informed decision that best represents the change you want to see.

It is important to learn your state’s voting laws and make a voting plan. A voting plan is figuring out beforehand when and where you are going to vote. You should also tell other people your voting plan because it will help hold you accountable for your own plan and encourage others to vote.

You should also get involved in the campaign that you stand behind. You can campaign on your own by reminding people to vote and sharing your political views. You can also get involved with an official campaign, donate money, or get involved with Anti Trump Merchandise to get the word out.


Another way to get involved in political activism is to lobby your local lawmakers. Your local lawmakers are supposed to represent you, so you need to make sure they can hear what you want. A phone call or email can go a long way to making your voice on important issues heard at the local level. You can also get involved with city councils and town meetings.

Donate Money

There are three basic ways to donate money in a meaningful political way. You can donate to a cause. Usually, you will have stronger feelings about a certain issue than about a certain politician. If this is the case, then donating to a cause instead of a person makes more sense. That money will then be used to help support candidates that support the same cause that you feel passionate about.

You can also donate to a political party. Usually, the views you have and the causes you support will align with a political party in general. Donating money to that party will then help to support the majority of causes that you support.

You can also donate to a specific candidate. Sometimes a political candidate comes along that holds the same views as you and that you fully endorse. If this is the case, you can donate specifically to their campaign.


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