Author Profile: Meet Karen Yelverton

Karen Yelverton, Author of Angelic Kreations

On this week’s edition of Writer Wednesday, we hear from author and spoken word artist Karen Yelverton. She is the author of Angelic Kreations: Poetry Between Sisters, and has an interesting story to share. 

Polite On Society: Who is Karen Yelverton? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Karen Yelverton:  I am a Brooklyn, New York native, and I have been on the poetry scene for over a decade. I am a teacher & performance artist, poet, public speaker, actress, host, motivational speaker, model and entrepreneur. I began my career at the age of thirteen and have since developed a resume exemplary of a well-polished professional. With a host of experience in public speaking, television and film, I am no stranger to the camera. Always ready for work and willing to travel to get the job done. In 2011 Phi Ro Pi awarded me a National Champion in Poetry. In 2013 my work was published and I became a National finalist oratory speaker. (the topic was “Preserve Our Legacy”) My poetry performance held the top forty record at Eastern Michigan’s University’s where I received my Bachelors & Masters in Communications and Performance Studies. 

POS: What motivated you to write Angelic Kreations: Poetry Between Sisters? 

KY: After receiving a phone call about my mother and uncles health it was
time to relocate back home to Brooklyn ENY and become a full-time
caregiver. This journey was going to be rough and bumpy, however after
been affiliated with a not for profit “Man Up Inc! for six years I was
confident I could return home & to them for employment.

The 2015-16 school year was about to begin and the organization was given
an opportunity to begin school base programs in four schools throughout
Brooklyn New York I was assigned to PS 306 Ethan Allen located in East New York

These beautiful young minds were helping me make it through each day
which made me want to do more, so I began inviting special guests with
a focus on entrepreneurs to come speak to the sisters, showing them
positive images that look like them with goals they to can achieve along with author, poet & writer Makayla who published her first book at nine too name a few.

I took my time researched, interviewed mentors, collogues, friends &
developed a public speaking, poetry & prose program. Which allows the
student to be openly creative from all angles of writing, reading,
performing, story telling, to name a few. Public speaking is still
held as one of the number fears I want the sisters I come across as a
teaching artist to be fearless.

Self expression, self identity along with anger management is also
alarming with our young sisters. Research shows more funding being
allocated to community and school base programs geared toward males.
Keeping these facts in mind I wanted to do more so for Mother’s Day
the sisters hosted there 1st poetry show for their mother’s and
dedicated the show to one of the sisters in the group who lost her
mother at a early age. The audience was moved to tears and speechless.

Having creative control along with great co-workers assistance allowed
me to reach out to celebrities like lil Mama to come inspire the girls
and share some of her poetry while coaching and listening to them spit
a few bars. While my high school friend and boxing & fitness coach
Cleavon would give us access to the gym to swim, workout and learn
self defense techniques.

When the school year was ending, I was pleased to read several poems &
prose from almost all of the sisters. If they didn’t write they
discovered other talents about themselves like hosting an event which
is just as important as the talent working together hand and hand.
Before the school year ended I asked the sister how they felt about
getting their worked published for the world to see, admire and learn

The book was delayed when the sisters group and I suffered a very
sudden, sad and devastating lost during the 2016-17 holiday season with the
passing of their Assistant principle Ms. Fung an strong, amazing, hard
working women who truly cared and went above and beyond for her students.

I make a conscious effort to follow through especially
with our youth. The task was set and the journey lead me to create and produce
funding, hosting, producing and poetry shows allowing me to
hire HOV publishing. In February 2017 The Angelic Kreations “Poetry Between Sisters” book was
published & released with seven youth co-authors writings inside the book and one
artist drawings on display.

POS: You have made a name for yourself on the poetry and spoken word scene. Can you tell us more  about your organization, Angelic Kreations? 

KY: As the founder of Angelic Kreations Inc. I have been teaching and performing poetry for over ten years. I have implemented a Public speaking poetry and pros program into organizations, nonprofits & schools both private and public where students were given the opportunity to publish there work in 2017. Angelic Kreations “Poetry Between Sisters” book series available @ where my audio poems are also available. Additionally I offer Poetry On Demand services specializing in performing original poems and programming that inspire cultivate & educate people on how to achieve their Visions Dreams and Goals. My passion and love for working with the youth, teaching & performing extends beyond the classroom as I still find the time to give back to my community. Most recently in 2019 Angelic Kreations I performed a Poetry on Demand piece at City Hall for thirteen “Hip Hop Honorees” Rakim, Slick Rick, Hezekiah Walker, April Walker to name a few..

With a keen business sense Angelic Kreations has provided captivating independent programming and training that motivates uplifts and inspires people from all walks of life, Through hard work, commitment & dedication Angelic Kreations has been able to follow her divine path by staying grounded and humbled in the will of the creator.

POS: Are there any forthcoming poetry events that you would like to let our audience know about? Any forthcoming projects?

KY: I help people Zoom there way to success through public speaking in person & remotely online. All of us at some point in this lifetime will experience working remotely why not train with a professional who can guide you to becoming so comfortable yet confident as like your sitting in your living room conversing face to face with a family member or friend. If this is something that interest you or someone you know send me an email @ I look forward to hearing from let’s work together to reach your Vision Dreams & Goals

How would you like to be celebrated? Or better yet celebrate a family member, love one or friend while your still alive and well breathing fresh air. My name is Karen Yelverton and I help people give the gift of a lifetime with Poetry on Demand for all celebrations, occasions, conferences etc. With a few questions your original poetic piece will recognize and celebrate people accolades & accomplishments past & present.

Is productivity down for your business/organization? Would you like to increase/grow your clientele & sales? My name is Karen Yelverton I am the founder and CEO of Angelic Kreations I help corporations reach audiences through Edutainment. I am also available for booking. 

POS: What advice would you give to aspiring writers and poets? 

KY: Everyone has a something to write about we all have a story to tell. Your life is unique and there is only one you, no one can write like you and to many people are telling our stories, the world is a better place because of you. Please don’t deprive us from learning from you, you will uplift, inspire and encourage someone to do the same. We owe it to our culture and our ancestors who have pave the way. 


I’d like to say thank you to Karen for taking the time to chat with us today. To see an example of her spoken word, check out the video below.

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