Five Sure Signs You’re in The Wrong Job

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The clock moves so slowly when you’re at work and you’re trying to concentrate. You’re distracted, bored, unmotivated and unwilling to try harder because you dislike your workspace. From a young age, we have it drummed into us that we can choose what we want to do with our lives only once. We get to 18 and we’re applying for college and that’s our career paths laid out. End of story.

Except that this isn’t really the case. You need to be in a career that you love if you want to thrive personally and professionally. Your career can only take you so far in life. Sure, the money may be nice, but if time seems to slow down and you can’t motivate yourself enough to pay attention, then you’re most definitely in the wrong job! It is not a bad thing to want something else, something more from life. There are thousands of jobs all over the world and what starts out as the right one for you may not stay that way later on in life.

It’s a challenge,  choosing a specific career, and so you need to do what you can to work out what makes you tick. You want to be able to turn up to work and notice that all of a sudden it’s clocking off time. The day is so enjoyable and so interesting that time doesn’t go slowly: it flies. You try harder because you’re motivated and happy and ready to learn. That is what you should feel about your career.

No job is perfect, but if you feel like you’re dying slowly out of boredom, you have some choices to make. You can choose to go back to school once again, learning how to do a new degree with George Washington University. You could choose to retrain and grow in another arena. Before you do that, though, you need to know 100% that you are in the wrong job. Otherwise, all your effort is going to go to waste! Let’s take a look at six signs that your job just is not for you!

You’ve Lost Faith In The Business

When you started out, you were new and excited. You believed in the company and their message and you were happy to be a part of the team. Well, time has moved forward and you’ve done the same. You’ve grown and as you’ve got to know the business you initially fell for, it’s just not the same as it once was. Or, it is, but you’re not. You’re seeing cracks in the system and no one is listening. You’re no longer enchanted by the people, but restless that you have to be there. Losing faith in the business and their values is a sure sign you’re not in the right place.

You Don’t Feel Challenged

Job satisfaction is so hard to come by and while you felt it at the start, something’s changed. You’re no longer feeling challenged; it’s the same thing every day and no one is helping you to grow. It’s so important that you feel pushed and motivated by your employer, and if that’s not happening for you, you need to move on.

You’re Not Using Your Talents

If you know the skills in which you excel but no one is helping you to use those skills, it makes sense that you would want to leave the business. You need to feel like you have been hired to use your talents; otherwise, why are you there? You should be able to use your natural abilities to succeed and if you have spoken to your boss and nothing has changed, then it could be time to move to another business who appreciates your talents as they are.

You Just Don’t Get It

It’s been a few months now, and you really don’t get the point of your job. It may be scary to move away from what will give you security, but that doesn’t mean that you should stay. If you can’t find your purpose, why are you still there?

There’s No Room To Progress

You have hit the ceiling. You’re as skilled and challenged as you’re going to get in your role, and it’s time to seek pastures new and speak to people who are willing to put you through your paces and teach you more. You deserve to be educated in the way that you want to achieve your life goals. If you’re not getting that in your job, pack up and move on out!

The right career is but a step away from you if you know where to look. Get studying and choose something that matches your expectations.


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