Coronavirus Cancels Damn Near Everything

By Marc W. Polite

Good afternoon, everyone. We are headed into a second week of the coronavirus related lockdown. At the moment, there’s no end in sight. The governor of New York State has issued an order for 100 percent of non essential businesses to stay home. Even the Department of Motor Vehicles is closed. As of Sunday, the state is said to be on “pause”

Resulting from all of this, the way people function has had to change.

Like everyone else, I am staying in and taking it day by day. The only events on my calendar are virtual. I only venture out for food and medicine. No point in taking any unnecessary risks of exposure.

After this is all over, this country needs to take a long, hard look at how it regards those who do manual labor. The people who keep the store shelves stocked and the buildings clean. There also needs to be a reckoning of sorts with the people in charge who saw this coming and decided to dump stocks and save their own wallets instead of warning the general public.

This will not be forgotten, easily. The people’s collective frustration with the political system and its stymied response to the crisis will have an expression sooner or later. Who is really thinking about the primaries/ election right now? It’s been supplanted by the struggle to make it day to day. When you’re concerned about those low balance alerts you get when making needed purchases, November just seems too distant in the future to really be focused on.

I’m just saying.

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