Iowa Caucus Shenanigans?

Good evening, everyone. Two whole days after Monday’s Iowa caucuses, the questionable “results” are in. As of the time of this writing, Pete Buttigieg has allegedly “won” the Iowa caucus, with Bernie Sanders coming in second place. In this authors opinion… it’s likely that Sanders had this one stolen from him, considering that he was leading before the “glitches” occurred. “Quality Control” indeed…

This has never happened. Many observers are saying that this looks like yet another example of primary rigging, reminiscent of some occurrences of the 2016 election.

Whether it is gross negligence, or a lack of testing that questionable caucus app, this is too much of a debacle for the very first contest of 2020.

If Pete Buttigieg won the contest through honest momentum from the people embracing his campaign, he should be able to do it again in the New Hampshire primary, right?

This 2020 primary season is off to a hobbled, botched start. If this is any indication of what the next 49 contests will look like.. we’re in for a lot of agony.

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