Cybersecurity Job Growth Is Exploding Thanks To Digital Espionage

The annual financial losses by American companies because of digital espionage currently stands at a staggering $100 billion. Foreign companies and nations continue to pillage US intellectual capital, hoping to capture their know-how and apply it in their home countries.

Digital espionage is highly damaging to our economy. Not only does it take away from the profitability of American firms, but it also discourages future innovation – the very thing that we need to make our lives better. A world without change is not one in which we want to live.

Because of the need to protect businesses against digital theft of their IP, there’s a growing demand for people with cybersecurity skills. Cybersecurity is in such high demand at the moment that wages are rising faster than in practically any other industry. It seems hard to believe, but even entry-level cybersecurity positions can pay more than six figures per year.

Currently, US firms are trying to protect themselves against the threat from abroad, but not all enterprises are taking necessary steps. Fifty-two percent of companies, for instance, do not actively monitor and analyze security intelligence. More than 51 percent do not conduct threat assessments, and only 46 percent have a dedicated chief information security officer.

As the following infographic shows, digital espionage is big business for both private and state actors. The opportunities for people who want to offer their services in the space are, therefore, considerable.

Infographic by Norwich University

With 91 percent employment growth between 2010 and 2014, would you train to become a cybersecurity professional?

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