Black Mirror Season 5 Remarks

Black Mirror Season 5 is a short trip. With only three episodes, it makes an impact on the viewer, and the conversation around this season has brought a number of new people to the series.

Deliberately going in a less dark direction as expressed in numerous interviews by Charlie Brooker between Season 4 and 5, this latest season on the whole is not as wild as in the past two.

Once viewers get past the initial shock of the first episode “Striking Vipers”- it’s a story exploring undercurrents of what it means to be intimate, and how digital life can blur boundaries.

“Smithereens” – much like the episode “Shut up and Dance” is one that could plausibly occur today. The ending there, was very unclear.

“Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too” was interesting in that it showed commodification of a person’s “brand” and what that could resemble in the not so distant future.

Black Mirror homes in on the emptiness of some of our connections in this modern world. Even with all of these isolating technologies, people struggle in finding ways to connect.

You know.. it says something about our society when people have more expansive options in the digital realm than they do in real life. Travel bans and financially restricted travel for most, but a plethora of escapist options online.

That’s the western world, until collectively we decide different. As a fan of the series, season 5 left me wanting a bit more. But, I am still checking for the show, and don’t necessarily feel as though it has fallen off like other critics have opined.

Brooker toned it down a bit, and people didn’t like it. Black Mirror in my opinion should go back to being gritty, and disturbing- especially with a new Twilight Zone out. To quote a character from Black Mirror: Bandersnatch- “sorry, wrong path, mate”

Black Mirror Season 5 is worth a watch if you’ve never seen the show.. but fans of longstanding will kind of be like.. meh.