Meet Gaming Influencer Big B Statz

Anthony Big B Statz- Gaming Influencer


The gaming scene is big, and there are many influencers on the scene. Today, we speak with Youtube gaming influencer Big B Statz about how he built his channel and what inspired him to launch his own comic book.

Polite On Society:  What inspired you to create your comic book line?

Big B: What inspired me to create my comic book line was actually growing up around comic books, reading some and more importantly seeing the younger generation read/ involve themselves in that paper virtual world. It’s something new and different and  I also wanted to always expand more as a creator and reach different audiences.

Cookie Kingdom- Big B Statz comic book


POS: Why do you believe that Minecraft has such an enduring interest in young gamers?

Big B: I think Minecraft has a enduring interest on young gamers as it’s one of those games that ”It is what you make it/ You get out what you put into it“. Minecraft in general has no solid story, the story is up to the player which is what makes it so long lasting. Everyone has a different story to tell.

POS:  How did you build your brand on Youtube? It is a very competitive platform.

Big B: So i but my brand on YouTube for quite a long time. I think it’s important to always start and do YouTube with something you enjoy yourself. Make it as YOU as possible so it cannot be replicated. It’s a extremely competitive platform and it’s always about trying new things but also knowing what may work for everyone else, may not work for you. You have to constantly adapt but remain true to yourself and remember why you started.

POS: What are some future projects that you want our audience to know about?

Big B: Some Future Projects i would like your audience to know about is more Live-streams and involving the gaming community to play games with me LIVE!.

I’d like to say thank you to Big B Statz for talking with us about his comic book and Youtube channel. To get a free e-comic book, visit the video link below.