Why is Online Bingo becoming such a Popular Game to Play Online

Online gambling has been available since before the internet became such a huge part of our lives, but year by year growth has really moved it from out of the smoky dens of sticky pubs and into the comfort of our homes. Great sites like Boomtown Bingo offer huge selections that really bring the world of online gambling truly alive.


The last study done by the UK’s Gambling Commission shows that online participation is increasing, while premise based gambling is decreasing. Not only that, but the use of tablets and mobile phone devices increased by 51% meaning people are turning to more portable ways of playing so that they can continue to play while on the go.


As a game of chance, bingo is not the most engrossing game and very little concentration is required, but a surge in online offerings shows that it is one of the most popular.


So Why is it So Popular?


Imagine a giant hall full of tables filled up with all sorts of people chatting loudly as you try and see over their heads to make out the number on the little ball which seems to move at a snail’s pace before it is announced by a shrill and excitable host, when all of a sudden someone’s elbow knocks over a pint.


In contrast, imagine another type of bingo hall where you must sit in silence, and stare at the alien red glare of an electronic screen the whole time you play.


Precisely because it does not require all of one’s concentration, bingo is best played at home and is even more sociable when played that way, as opposed to other more engrossing online gambling activities. Participants can play while enjoying the company of old friends, or can even make new friends through online chat rooms.


With the chat functionality, online bingo really fosters a sense of community for players where up to hundreds of people can play online at the same time. Just like any community, the world of online bingo has its own lingo so that, with something in common to root for or a little bit of friendly competition, participants can very easily find themselves making lots of new friends.


On the go options offer even more versatility, giving participants a distraction while they remain mobile and occupied with mundane commutes or household chores.


Online bingo is also much more satisfyingly quicker than its on premises counterpart, or other games that require more concentration. The computer automatically registers the numbers so you don’t need to wait around for them to be called or waste time searching for and marking them off.


And for these reasons, it becomes more of a hobby, an enjoyable way of preoccupying one’s mind rather than a way of making money. Of course, however, the rewards of playing online are much better than at the local bingo hall. That is, if you play responsibly by keeping to your budget and not gluing yourself to the screen for too long.


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