How Social Media is Affecting The World of Politics

Social media is continually changing, and so is the world of politics. The internet is playing a huge role in this transformation, and it’s really interesting to see how it’s had a huge impact on the way that we view world issues in general.

News around the Clock

One of the many ways that social media has revolutionised politics is through the rate at

which news is spread. This can include poll results, rumours and updates. Before the internet started up, people had to wait to see the results on the television or they even had to wait until the next newspaper to see what had happened. Online news however has completely revolutionised this, by giving people access to the most important political updates around the clock. Studies have shown time and time again that most people spend more time on social media than they do on political websites, and this just goes to show how influencing it can be.


Political polls are a very important part of any campaign. They can however, be very confusing. It is more than possible for you to find polls that have multiple contradictory results, even though they have all been posted on the very same day. When you look at other types of political news, the internet has increased the amount of poll results you see in a day. This means that people not only see results as they are happening, but it also means that they can participate in them too. Polls really do play a huge part in elections, and the fact that people can now participate in them actively online means that politicians can get a much better idea of their chances of winning. What’s even more interesting, is that Smartmatic devices are being rolled out for future elections.

Direct Interactions

One of the main, positive effects that social media has to offer is that voters are now able to interact with candidates and even elected officials. If this wasn’t the case then you would have to meet a politician or even a candidate at a live event. Not everyone can do this, but with the power of modern technology, it is now easier than ever for this to be done.


Targeting really is being used throughout the advertisement industry. This is to make sure that advertisements and messages are reaching the correct audience. Politicians are keen on doing this as well, to make sure that they are aiming at the right demographic. If a candidate wants to try and address the concerns of students, the retired or even women then they can tailor their messages easily by using the power of the internet. If you notice that political messages start appearing on your newsfeed at certain times of the year then this is certainly no accident, and it is really helping to empower politicians so that they can go on to perform better in elections.

Rumours and Fake News

Political campaigns are really being influenced by every single news story, whether they are genuine or not. Any kind of news spreads like wildfire on the internet and this is because it is so easy to share information. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to separate fake news from actual news on the internet as well. Social media makes things more confusing in this respect because you have a constant stream of rumours, genuine news and even memes coming through your newsfeed. On top of that, some people will create fake news to try and defame someone else’s campaign. This can lead to false predictions regarding the elections, and it can also make it much harder for the person running the campaign to stay on top of their game. That being said, the internet has empowered politics at the same time. Sure, fake news can spread, but so can genuine news and updates as mentioned above. For this reason, it is important that you stay diligent when reading any political post online, and that you also take the time to research whether the news is actually real before you invest your own thoughts.

Social media has really changed the world of politics for the better. It is now easier to find out information on any campaign, and it is also faster to vote and form an honest opinion. The internet is connecting countries to one another while also empowering the people more than ever before. That being said, with the fake news that is circulating right now, it’s important to stay aware of conspiring articles.

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