Review: Superfly

Superfly (2018) Starring Trevor Jackson

Black films have been making an impact this year. Hollywood has noticed the ability to profit from the desire of Black Americans to see our images on screen, and has followed through on capitalizing on it. This week, Superfly hits theaters. Starring Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell, Superfly is a remake of the 1972 Blaxploitation film. Trevor Jackson plays Youngblood Priest, a drug dealer who is attempting to make an exit out of the game. Directed by Director X, the locale of this remake is modern day Atlanta- the original was based in Harlem. Future created the soundtrack, to match the location shift.

Superfly has all of the elements of a modern day hood flick. “Trap star” stunting? Check. Shootouts? Check? Strip club scenes? Check. Cameos from rappers? Check. A cat fight? Check.¬† It’s all there. Geared towards twenty-somethings who may not have necessarily seen the original Superfly, this remake is what would happen if you mixed¬† Power and Love and Hip Hop. 46 years ago was a while back, so the changes are understandable.

Superfly is a guilty pleasure kind of film. Yes, it was ratchet, violent, and stereotypical, but its a movie about a drug dealer. It’s not meant to be highbrow. While obviously not original, it was entertaining. If you catch a matinee of it, you wont be mad. If not, then wait till it hits Netflix.


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