5 Methods To Aid Someone With A Stutter

One should note that stuttering and stammering are not disabilities but a genetic condition that develops in childhood neurologically. People often misunderstand this condition and worry too much about the upbringing of their children. However, they lack the knowledge that such children require support. These kids need to be motivated and disciplined with affection so that they can get over their stuttering and feel more confident in the society. If you know someone who is facing this issue, then remember that you can help him or her overcome this problem through certain methods. This post will discuss such methods one by one.

  • Understand that stuttering does not come due to nervousness

A common belief among people is that people stutter because they are nervous. However, this is not true, as even the people who are fluent speakers stutter during they are under stress or nervous. Stuttering happens due to a genetic factor that limits a person’s muscles to speak out fluently. Thus, one can overcome it by practicing speaking. In addition, some may not be confident to speak in front of others because of stuttering, but not the other way around.

  • Never underestimate the intellectual abilities of a person who stutters

People who stammer can be very creative, so you should never think of them as being dumb, etc. Many famous artists, scientists, and other professionals stutter while speaking, and their problem never hinders their capabilities in life. Hence, while dealing with a person who stammers, make sure that you respect his ideologies and talk to him/her in the same way you would speak to any normal person.

  • Help the stuttering break out of the person

Remember that stammering is a neurological thing that can be treated. This will require you to help the person break out of this habit. You may need to use several methods with patience so that they can alter their speech. You can also search for Stuttering Doctor to learn more about speech therapies.

  • Focus on what the stuttering person wants to say

Instead of focusing on the speech pattern or the movement of the mouth of the stammering person, you should focus on the actual message he/she wants to convey. The former behavior is a rude gesture that will only embarrass the speaker more. On the contrary, you should encourage them to speak up so that you can listen to what they have to say, and answer them accordingly with your comment.

  • Do not lose eye contact

As taught in the general rules for interacting with others, you should never lose eye contact with the person. Even if you want to look away, do not stop your eyes at his/her mouth, as this is also a rude behavior. It will make the speaker lose his confidence in front of you. The person who is stuttering may not be able to curb his/her habit if he/she faces such response from the listener.

Remember to treat the person who stammers just as if you treat any normal person so that they do not feel isolated.

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