Important Conversations to Have Before Settling Down


Finding someone to love and to love you back is a wonderful feeling, but it’s easy to get so taken in the excitement of the new relationship that you forget to give logic and reason a chance in making your decision to settle down with your partner.

Overlooking certain important factors before deciding to settle down can be dangerous, in the literal sense of the word, also leads to divorce before your fifth anniversary. It is important to know have an in-depth knowledge of your partner and have pertinent conversations that could impact your marriage in both the long and short terms.

Marriage counselling

Pre-marital counselling could save your marriage. While you are trapped in the excitement of a relationship, a marriage counsellor can open your eyes to the realities of marriage which is often quite different to the lovey-dovey of the dating phase.

How well are your prepared to stick by your partner through poverty and sickness? Marriage isn’t about fancy dates anymore, although, they are important in re-igniting the spark in your love life. You will have to share chores and bills, and see each other at their possible worst.

You have to prepare for the marital life when the euphoric bubble of dating bursts and the excitement has died down.


It’s astounding the number of couples who go into marriage without first having had discussions on their perspectives on parenthood.

It is important to have shared views on the number of children you want, if any, and how you want to bring them up. Going into a marriage without discussing your expectations will lead to constant fights as you continually pull in different directions.

It becomes even worse when one partner wants children and the other do not. The topic of children can be a massive deal-breaker in many marriages and it’s to talk about it as soon as you think of getting serious with your relationship and taking it to the next level, which is settling down in matrimony.


Money is the leading cause of divorce. This is because many couples are completely avoid conversations around money or are dishonest about their finances

Granted, it is a difficult conversation to start but an important one nonetheless. The money talk could divorce-proof your marriage.

Both of you should be candid about their financial status; your income, obligations, debts, and assets. This stops you from going to sites like Healthcaresalariesguide.Com to guess how much your partner earns and how they spend their income.

This is important in setting you financial goals together as a couple without either party feeling strained or feeling overburdened by the other.

You also get to understand the financial implications of settling down with your partner before finding yourself entangled in the web of their past financial dealings, which may not be very attractive.


Intimacy is important in any healthy marriage. If your sex life isn’t what you want it to be now, chances are it is going to be worse once you settle down. This is one aspect that just doesn’t get better with time or solve itself.

Be open with your partner about your intimacy needs and teach them how you want to be loved. If there’s any underlying physiological or medical issues hampering your intimate life, then have it solved before settling down.

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