Popular Social Games in 2017/2018

by Randy Ayers

Social games have become very popular these days. There is something extremely appealing about picking your smartphone or logging into Facebook and playing games alongside other people around the world.

But why do many people like playing social games? How do they connect people in ways they wouldn’t have thought possible a decade ago? Here are the most popular social game and why they were hits in 2017-2018:


Many users on Facebook play FarmVille. One of the most creative mechanics in the Zynga’s farm simulation social game is basically the neighborhood. It is easy to build your farm and harvest crops alone, but when you do it with your friends on Facebook, your productivity increases exponentially. And when you hop onto your Facebook news feed and find a deluge of updates from this game, you know how tempting it can be to click on the update and see what it is all about

This is either a metaphor for farms where the farmers are required to oblige in order to stay alive or it is a trick to get people to employ one another so that Zynga can collect all your money. The developer of the game used the social promotion learned from this game to unveil CityVille which has become one of the most popular social games on Facebook with about 100 million users

Zuma Blitz

PopCap’s ball matching game is interesting to play in long and short doses, but its true strength lies in the scoreboard. There is a set of rankings that you will see in Zuma’s Incan temple as you go about your business. The rankings, which are on the right side of the screen, are constantly updated with friends’ high scores, allowing players to talk smack as they compete with each other for the number one slot. It is simple, brilliant and effective technique that will keep you hooked for one straightforward reason: bragging rights.

Words with friends

Imagine if you could access scrabble on your phone around the clock. Now, with Word With Friends, you will be competing with your friends instead of a computerized opponent. You can pick when to play each word at your very own personal discretion.

Scrabble has always been very popular. This is the main reason why online scrabble is just as hailed. This game works because it emulates a classic social game that everybody understands. You don’t need to worry about learning the devising intricate strategies or complicated new rules. It is just Scrabble!

Mafia Wars

Between the Goodfellas, The Sopranos, The Godfather and the other countless stories that have been commercially and critically acclaimed over the years, it is not difficult to see what games like Mafia War works. Although this Facebook mass simulator, which allows you to recruit your friends and form a criminal gang, cannot be compared to other classical pieces of pop culture, it is an impressive game that you can invest too much time into. Forming teams with your friends to fight mobsters, complete jobs and pretend to be criminals is more fun.

World of Warcraft

When you surely think about World of Warcraft, you are likely to picture the nerdier set-those who can sacrifice sleep and hygiene to reach another experience level. But the reality is that this game is populated with players from different backgrounds, from NFL punters to rural housewives. This game boasts of millions of subscribers because of its social capabilities. Rather than just leveling up a character or fighting a monster by yourself, you do it with other players and interact with them in many ways-online chats, personal emails, etc.

Most importantly, World of Warcraft allows players to live in a real second life. Boys can pretend to be girls; girls can pretend to be a boy, and human accountants can pretend to be elven images. Players can make enemies and friends, form relationships and take on a new persona. Many people enjoy socializing on World of Warcraft more than in real life, which makes it one of the most popular social games today.

8 Ball Pool

This awesome Facebook game is powered by Miniclip. The multiplayer game requires you to score against your mates; therefore, you can play against many players online. The developer for this game has also launched a similar kind of game called Bowling King that is doing just fine among geek gamers.

Texas Holdem Poker

It’s always fun to play poker games and for those who love playing live poker games, then Texas Holdem Poker is the right choice. Millions of people win prizes every day

Criminal Case

Lastly, we have Criminal case, a favorite game for adventurous players who love playing the detective role. A young lady is killed and it’s your job to collect evidence. Observe keenly and collect clue. Each clue you get earns you a point. You would definitely love playing this game which is more of like a brain-teaser.


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