Dystopia is Here: Laughing Alexa Startles Owners

Alexa.. secretly plotting your demise.

Good evening everyone. In a bit of news right out of an episode of Black Mirror, apparently some Alexa personal assistants are laughing unprompted. The story of these occurrences hit the net today, and are having an uncomfortable effect.

The digital personal assistant is said to have a bug, and Amazon is working on a fix to the issue. We only hope it’s not too late. Let’s hope this is a glitch, and the affected Alexas haven’t developed self awareness.

This pretty much assures that I will not purchase that device ever. I don’t even want a complimentary one. Imagine if that thing starts bursting out in Vincent Price laughter as soon as you get home? Nah, b. Nein. Non. Nope. Nyet.

I’m good. I’ll Google just like normal people over reliant on technology.

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