Token’s R’Us Comedy Show- March 24th!

Tokens R’Us Comedy Show March 24th!

Greetings everyone. This month, on a Saturday afternoon, the Tokens R’ Us Comedy Show will take place. If you want to hear some new comics, this is the event to look out for. Here are some more details:

The show details:

Show Title: Tokens R’ Us

Tagline: Where the minority rules

Show Description: This talk variety show celebrates people who naturally stand out in crowd. Funny, courageous people of color share true stories about being a non-white face in a white space. We’ll laugh, play games, and hopefully learn to be more culturally aware.

Hosted by: Malaika Carpenter

This event will be held at the Good Good Comedy Theatre:

215 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Here is the link to purchase tickets


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