Author Profile: Interview with Damien Tillman

Damien Tillman, Author of the forthcoming “Learning to Quote Myself”

Greetings, my readers. Every week, Polite On Society features an author who you may or may not have heard of. This week, we get an opportunity to build with Damien Tillman. Damien is the author of the forthcoming “Learning to Quote Myself” a collection of poetry. Damien, who has been writing poetry since childhood, has cultivated his literary interests ever since. His older brother wrote poetry, and it inspired him. He majored in Creative Writing and Media Studies in college, and uses this education to challenge social and cultural norms. In a phone interview, we learned of what motivates him.

Damien spoke about his upcoming “Learning to Quote Myself”, describing it as a collection of thoughts that have been going through his mind since childhood. “The title comes from me trying to develop my own understanding,” said Tillman. Describing the process, Damien describes himself as a person who suffers from curiosity.

Learning to Quote Myself By Damien Tillman – coming March 2018

In addition to being a writer, Damien is also the current organizer of the NY Writing Club. A Meetup group that has over 4400 members, it’s purpose is to support writers, and give them a chance to collaborate. Writers have the opportunity to share their work, and get feedback. The writing group is so varied, that it is separated into different groups depending upon the focus. For example, writers of short stories or novels would have slightly adjusted approaches. There are groups as large as 50 people when the space permits. The writing workshops and lessons are varied but the topics are applicable to writers of my genre. The purpose is building a community of writers regardless of style, skill level or background. Damien joined the NY Writing Club in 2015 and became organizer in September of 2016. It is open to all writers, whether just starting out, or if you have a few projects out.

Damien also had some advice to offer aspiring writers and poets. “You can learn from anywhere, but you don’t have to copy. You already have your own voice, its just up to you to find it.” Damien reminds us that we don’t have to mimic famous writers, and that we should find what we can bring to the literary world. “Its important for us to get rid of that starving artist motif”, Damien further added.

I’d like to share with you a promo quote from the book that resonated with me on his Facebook page. “I can’t teach you anything, but, I can tell you what I have learned.” A deep observation indeed.

To learn more about Damien Tillman, you can follow him on his Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

To find out more about the NY Writing Club, visit the groups Instagram, Twitter, and FB page.

Learning to Quote Myself will be released in March of 2018.


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