Black History Month 2018- Opening Thoughts

Good evening everyone. Well, January is a wrap, and that means that it’s time to get the dashiki out. The month that so many of us were waiting for, not just because we like to celebrate our history and culture. It’s also because Black Panther is dropping this month. It’s okay to admit that you’re amped.. I’m going to see it too. I already got my ticket, and I may peep it more than once. I’m geeked out like that, don’t be surprised. You know it’s wild when you hear conversations about the film during break time. I haven’t seen us this hype about a film in a hot minute.

As we strive to fight Black erasure from our ostensible allies, Black America is grasping for any bits of elation that it can get. All I want to say to some of us is that we not be a bunch of Kirk Killjoys. If folks wanna dress up and show out (us grandfathered in geeks call it cosplay) then let folks rock. Watching things like Trump’s State of The Union address is maddening, so we deserve a moment of respite, even if it’s to an Afrofuturist fictional place.

February is a busy and interesting time for Black bloggers such as myself, and I appreciate everyone who is reaching out to me. If my planner was a device, it would say it’s 95 percent full. I’ll see some of y’all out and about, and look forward to sharing some good, upcoming events with you all on this page. Take care, and let’s go!

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