Neighborhood of Dreams – Interview with Author LazRael Lison

LazRael Lison, Author of “Neighborhood of Dreams”


Greetings everyone! On this week’s Writer Wednesday feature, we have the opportunity to speak with LazRael Lison, author of “Neighborhood of Dreams”

Polite On Society: So, LazRael Lison, you’re originally from Little Rock, Arkansas? I’ve never been there.

LazRael Lison: Yep. Winchester and Little Rock.

POS: So what was life like growing up in the south? I’m sure it was much different than the life you’re

accustom to living now.

LL: Totally. But I’m so appreciative of my southern roots because it’s made me the man I am today.

We grew up in a two-bedroom mobile home with about nine people living in it. No lie.

POS: Wow!

LL: When I look back, that was the greatest thing ever happen to me, because I learned to be happy

with very little. I never knew we were close to the poverty line. I think when your around people

you love and that love you, it somehow overshadows the lack of everything else when you’re a

child. However, that’s where the dreams started.

Neighborhood of Dreams by Lazrael Lison

POS: Speaking of Dreams. Let us jump right into this book, “Neighborhood of Dreams.” I love the

title. I got an early copy to read in preparation for this interview. I have to be honest it is a pageturner;

I could not put it down. I noticed the book is inspired by true events. How closely is it to

your actual life?

LL: In many areas very close. Sometimes almost scary, that makes this extremely emotional for

  1. The childhood portion of the story is very similar to mine and three of my childhood best

friends. My actual cousin had just moved to Arkansas from Chicago, and since we were the

same age, we immediately became best friends. Many of Morris’s experiences as a boy are

exactly my experiences. There was much more of artistic license taken in Morris’s life as an


POS: There are parts of the book, I am sure, were coming from a real place and real events, because

the descriptions, details and emotions of the people are so realistic, that it can’t just be researched

and written down. You had to live it.

LL:Yeah, when Morris was at Pinnacle Pointe, those were real situations and people that I came across.

The therapist and staff were all created after real people. At that age, hearing the stories of what

some people really went through, that undeserved pain some of those kids had to experience, was

an eye-opener. It forever changed me in a positive way. To this day I’ve never forgotten the lessons

I was taught.

POS: What do you want your fans to take away from this?

LL: I want people to take away that despite whatever life throws your way, you can still achieve. Stop

making excuses. It’s your life, nobody owes you anything. If you are waiting for someone to give

you something, you are going to always be sitting on the sideline. The only difference between you

and me, I did not quit, I did not give up. So, stop blaming others in your underachievements and

take control of your life!

POS: Great words! When is the release date and are you planning anything special for the release?

LL: It hits Stores and Online Tuesday, February 20, 2018. We plan to have several book signings and

a high school and college tour. The first book signing will be in Little Rock, Arkansas on the day

of the release.

POS: Right after Valentine Day?

LL: Yep, you can even pre-order the book as a gift for your Valentine date. I’m sure women will enjoy

the read. There is a lot of romance in this story too.

POS: Seeing that you have a strong history in film, what made you want to jump into writing novels?

LL: Writing and telling stories has always been my first love. This story has been simmering with me

for some time and I wanted to tell it unfiltered. The world of film is all about writing and directing

films that will sell to a distributor or Studio, and often times, it is something you are not that

passionate about or believe in. However, I find books, specifically this story, refreshing. I told it

the way I wanted to tell it. But it also makes you more vulnerable – when you leave it all on the

table, you have to live with the outcome of it.

POS: One last thing, I noticed, your character in the book wrote poetry, and I heard you used to

do lots of spoken word. Do you still do it?

LL: I’ve always loved poetry. I remember being at the University of Arkansas for Football. While

practice was going on, I would be sitting on the sideline thinking about doing spoken word that

night and making some notes. (laughing)

POS: Wow, now that is hilarious.

LL: Yes, it is, and it is so true.

POS: You want to share one of your pieces with us?

LL: Maybe later. (Smile)

POS: Well thank you for your time and I can’t wait for the world to get a chance to read this beautiful

inspiring story. Good luck to you!

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