Author Profile: Meet Shanika Sealy

Shanika Sealy, Author of “Please Help Me, Santa”

Telling your story as a writer can be a challenge. As writers, there are aspects of our lives that we share, while others some of us choose not to. In this author profile, we speak with Shanika Sealy, writer of “Please Help Me, Santa” -an account of her survival. In addition to being an author, Shanika is a blogger at her site Positivealicious and a vlogger, who focuses on positivity and healing.


Polite On Society: Who is Shanika Sealy?

Shanika Sealy: Shanika Sealy is a mother, Christian, loves her Father: The Lord, survivor of Child Sex Abuse, writer, author, journalist, advocate, model and like my son calls me, adventurous. Today, Shanika Sealy is a go-getter. She takes every opportunity and masters it like it’s her last. She learned how to love herself which lead to her learning how to embrace her talents.

POS: When did you start writing?

SS: I started writing at the age of 19. I thought I wanted to be a film director so I wrote a script about my broken heart. I knew I always wanted to be a writer because I had a lot to say. Writing was the only craft I used to express myself. For me, writing is my healer.


POS: Tell us about “Please Help Me, Santa” What motivated you to write this book?

SS: Please Help Me, Santa is a book I self-published about my personal experiences with abuse: sexual, mental and emotional. God lead me to write and publish this book. God put it in my heart that this book was my healer and he was right. God is always right. At the age of 6, I was sexually molested. I was never allowed to express or speak about this incident. Not only because no one cared, but because they were concentrated on how people would see them instead of thinking of my feelings. God cared about my feelings and God helped me get through it. This incident haunted me for years. It destroyed my relationships. My availability to trust people was not possible. I hated everyone who had a better life than me. It was horrendous. Once I wrote about my abuse and started talking about it, I gain tons of strength, confidence and growth. Again, Please Help Me, Santa is my healer.

POS: As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, what do think of the #MeToo movement that has emerged in denunciation of sexual abuse and harassment in the last month?

SS: I think the #METOO movement is an outstanding movement. This movement is way overdue. I’m glad that society is FINALLY giving this movement or any sexual harassment, abuse, molestation, rape etc attention. Do you know how much women and men endured from these behaviors? And had to watch the perpetrators get away with it, it’s very heartbreaking. When we go to the police to file complaints, they don’t believe us and view us as troublemakers. I’m surprised some victims got their complaints on paper. I know some women couldn’t get past the desk. Some lost jobs because they chose to stand up for themselves. I’m with the #METOO movement all the way. I pray that these people learn their lesson on using their sexual behaviors such as sexual harass, abuse, rape and molest people because they hold high positions.

POS: What are some of your thoughts on the recent scandals involving the behavior of Hollywood executives?

SS: I’m not surprised at any of the allegations. These men such as Bill Cosby, Harry Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner and many many more men have been conducting themselves in these matters and nothing was never done to them nor no one cared to report their behaviors because they knew that their careers were over. Just put yourself in the victim shoes. You’ve been working for years. You think you are finally being recognize for your talents. You made it to an audition level. The director is well known. You know this role can bring lots of other opportunities. Then the director or big mogul is a pervert. For years, men have been using sex as a way to get women to where they want them to be. It’s sad. It’s disgusting. It’s heartbreaking.

I’ve been in the workforce for 17 years now. I had experience with some bosses behaving inappropriately. Giving unprofessional looks, touching in inappropriate places, complimenting my body. When I was in my 20’s, I had a co-worker touch me inappropriately. He said he couldn’t help it. It was because of the way I dressed. I went to the human resource department and they also felt I dressed too provocatively. He kept his job and I was told to dress more appropriately. To answer your question, I am not surprised at any of the allegations.

POS: You maintain a positive outlook despite going through a lot. What sustains you during times of difficulty?

SS: My intimate personal relationship with God. I took a lot of time focusing on God, listening to God and obeying God to get where I am today. Three years ago, I tried to commit suicide because of my divorce. God showed me how to love myself and that I didn’t need anyone but God. Learning how to trust God with your life leads to other opportunities so I create Positivealicious. Positivealicious has helped me to look at all obstacles in a positive matter no matter how bad the situation is. Positivelicious is positive, healing and peace along with an ambitious, go-getting and stern attitude. Last by never least: My children. Knowing that I had my children watching my every move had help me get through my struggles. They are my rocks. I do it all for them. My son is proud of me.

POS: Is there anything else you want to let our readers know about you? Where can they find your book?

SS: I’m not perfect. I’ve been through many many obstacles. My positive outlook on life did not come easy. I still face troubles but now I know how to not let these troubles take over my life. I have a Father I can run to. I’m ambitious. I love to help people. I’m a huge believer in giving. Serving leads to growing, and when we are growing, we are progressing. Please Help Me, Santa is on Amazon. Beware: Bad reviews from angry family members but all overall it’s a good book. After I wrote this book, I met people who were sexually abused and never knew how to talk about it. Another major point on why I chose to write Please Help Me, Santa was to end the silence. Let it out. Speak about it. It’s helped. It helped me tremendously.

POS: Do you have any other projects in the works at the moment?

SS:  Right now, I’m working on my second book. I’m enjoying my new YouTube Channel called, Positivealicious YouTube Channel. I will always continue with my writing and posting stories on my blog, Check out my photo shoots. I love to model. Subscribe to blog for new stories, photo shoots, videos and any new updates.

I’d like to thank Shanika for taking the time to share her story with us.

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