Taking the Next Steps: Sunday Reflections on Literature 

Good evening, my readers. I hope all is well with you on this cold, November early evening. As time goes on, I find myself reflecting on what I have been pushing. As readers on here know, I have been taking a number of efforts to promote the two books that I have already published. Sometimes to great effect, other times, not so much. 

With 2017 soon to be at an end, it’s time to refocus. I’d like to announce that I am in the process of writing a second collection of poetry. Yes, I am going back into the lab, so to speak to prepare my third book. The fact that this is National Novel Writing Month is a perfect time to get the word out about new projects. No firm release date yet, my people’s. You’ll definitely hear more when the time is right. 

It’s time to refocus on what I do, and get it together. So, when you don’t hear me comment on this or that controversy, you’ll know why. Some of y’all are really good: y’all can hear my silence. But, it will be for a purpose. I suppose one of the things that is happening with me is that I have pulled back strategically, to work on the behind the scenes stuff. While everybody is trying to be seen and proclaimed as the most prolific in this Trump Era of politics. That’s a rat race that I’ll leave to others. 

Until next post.. Peace! 

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